giving up sugar

Giving Up Sugar…

sugar1Sugar is extremely hard to give up especially because it is in every processed food along with what we all know as being sugary junk food. It’s very common (myself included) to think oh I’ll give up the junk food and instead start eating so called “healthy” foods like muesli bars, low fat cereals etc but actually end up eating just as much sugar trying to do the right thing! When they vilified fat in the 1970’s they took the fat out of everything and put sugar in because they had to make it palatable to sell it. In doing this the food companies made a lot of money as there is a lot more money to be made from junk/processed food than there is from real food like vegetables/dairy etc.

Big food companies really do not care about anyone’s health they just know when sugar is added to things it becomes addictive and that means people want more and buy more! There is a positive note here tho…. you can give it up! If you want to that is. It is hard in the beginning but I went cold turkey if I was to do it now I would make my own sweet treats and slowly wean myself off (I think!) I guess having the knowledge for me was the big motivator! The effect sugar was having on my brain was awful and I had no idea!


I have a little girl who is just about three and we have been teaching her from the start about eating healthy and avoid sugar in her diet as much as possible.  I will continue to educate not just say “you can’t have it” I will say why and explain to her about my condition and that we are all so much better off without it.  I believe education is the key and once we know the “why” things become a lot easier and hopefully by the time our little girl is old enough to buy her own food and feed herself she will have all the knowledge to make the right decisions, until then we will make those choices for her by providing the best food when she is with us.


In 1972 John Yudkin wrote and published the book Pure, White and Deadly . It showed evidence that over-consumption of sugar was leading to a huge increase in many common diseases.  This was not exactly a message that the sugar industry wanted to be spread so they employed numerous methods of discrediting Yudkins work.  Ancel Keys came up with the theory that it wasn’t sugar that was the problem but instead saturated fat was what was killing us! (especially when it came to heart disease)  In the last chapter of  Pure, White and Deadly there are several examples of attempts to interfere with the funding of his research and to prevent its publication.

Unfortunately the efforts to discredit John Yudkin’s claims were largely successful and by the time of Yudkin’s death in 1995 his warnings were, for the most part, no longer being taken seriously.

In 2009, Robert Lustig  made a video which I highly recommend watching called Sugar: The Bitter Truth.[38] Lustig took aim at Keys, asking his audience, “Am I debunking?”


This is my first post so please bare with me x



10 thoughts on “Giving Up Sugar…

  1. Nice blog, Nicole! I agree with you, and I’m very sensitive to sugar also. It makes me so sleepy. I feel like I’m in a coma or something. I think that gluten does that to me also. I’ve been using 85% dark chocolate and almond butter to squelch my sweet tooth washed down with coffee and cream 🙂

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  2. Great start to your blog Nicole. Great message.

    As someone who lost 75kg over 2 years on a low carb high fat diet but put it back on through medication and stress. I am finding it much harder second time round. Done it once hope to do it again.



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